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The phone contained numerous text messages from the "victim" to the Client, saying things like "Let's f***." Instead of collecting the phone as evidence – which in this case would have proved that the "victim" had lied to law enforcement and made a false allegation – they photographed the Client's cell phone and then failed to place the photos into the case file.NCIS decided early on that the Client was guilty, and it took no steps to find exculpatory evidence, or even use such evidence after it was delivered to them. Bilecki cross-examined the alleged victim about her relationship with our client.Conveniently, between the date of the Article 32 and when the alleged victim's phone was seized two weeks later, the pin connectors on her i Phone were broken.The defense contended that the alleged victim intentionally broke her phone so that the messages could not be recovered.

Before charges were preferred, our client also impregnated his junior enlisted girlfriend, which led to fraternization and adultery charges.Case results are only posted with the informed consent of the client.Please call us at The case was so ridiculous it wouldn't pass the laugh test, but the government still went forward to trial with their theory, thinking, or hoping, that it would explain how the alleged victim's semen was found in the accused's anus.Our client was also charged with possession of steroids, a Schedule III controlled substance.In addition to the alleged trafficking in Spice and steroid possession, the investigation further uncovered that our client may have been responsible for nearly ,000 of BAH fraud.

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