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You experience a release of tension when you notice a glitch. Perceiving an incongruity in our supposedly smooth-running society provokes a shock of recognition and a concomitant burst of laughter.Something was off-kilter, and now you see what it was. Wit is a critical-satirical process that can be more serious than the “humorous” label suggests. Early on, I found that using myself and my friends as characters in my science-fiction tales appeals to me very much.I like it when my material takes on a life of its own. (3) In short, a gnarly process is complex and unpredictable without being random.If a story hews to some very familiar pattern, it feels stale.But if absolutely anything can happen, a story becomes as unengaging as someone else’s dream.The gnarly zone is lies at the interface between logic and fantasy.Walt Whitman spent his whole life revising and expanding one single book of poetry: Leaves of Grass.Complete Stories is in some sense my final anthology.

When I use a power chord, I try to do something fresh with the trope, perhaps placing it into an unfamiliar context, perhaps describing it more intensely than usual, or perhaps using it for a novel thought experiment.

My actual life is the real part, and the trans part are the cool things that happen to the characters in my science-fiction stories.

In other words, I found that I could use the special effects and power chords of SF as a way to thicken and intensify my material.

And I think it’s safe to say that wit, rather than mere humor, was his primary goal.

Wit involves describing the world as it actually is.

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