Bayesian updating in causal probabilistic networks by local computations

Russell Alleen-Willems holds an MA in applied archaeology and specializes in archiving and disseminating digital archaeological data and information.

Her work focuses on using high-throughput sequence data to better understanding the nutritional physiology and biogeochemical role of marine phytoplankton.He is also passionate about teaching programming and data analytics skills to people in non-computer-science or non-IT fields, since he thinks everyone will be able to program, as, for today, everybody can create beautiful documents using word processing applications. in Evolutionary Biology (Michigan State University), an M. Following this she instructed at two universities in Chicago, Illinois. He is enthusiastic about disseminating computational skills. He is now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Victoria, where he studies coordination and communication in software teams.Carlos Anderson is a software developer at the University of Michigan Health System, where he collaborates with researchers in radiation therapy in order to improve cancer treatments. An ecological research postdoc at the University of Oslo in Norway further shifted her path, so that now Carrie spends her days working in R (still with fungal data). Mario Antonioletti works on optimising and parallelising codes for high performance computing systems. Dhavide Aruliah is an associate professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa, Ontario.Coming from two backgrounds, computer science and marine biology, she's interested in helping biologists utilize computing power to facilitate their research. in Computer Science (University of Central Florida).is always interested in fascinating projects applyings information technologies and computational methods to business and scientific problems as an academic with 10 years of project management experience in technology and education industry. was first an ecologist wandering midwestern US forests in search of fungi and plants. His main focus is the development of bioinformatical tools to facilitate ecological data analysis.

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holds a Ph D on Materials Physics and works in the San Sebastian Materials Physics Center – CFM(CSIC-UPV/EHU) as CIO and scientific computing specialist.

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