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But still today, almost most of these matchmaking sessions happen offline.This traditional process is no more the way young India wants to go forward with.

They aren’t for casual dates from Tinder or Thrill but aren’t ready for marriage proposals from too.Idols (small statues or similar representations of deities used for worship) were discovered at the site, along with a mantapa (a sort of pavilion or outdoor foyer used for ceremonial purposes) and a paanipeeta (a plank inside a temple that holds a deity, according to the that the hero stone's writings were of a brave, martyred soldier in the village Jakkiuru, presumably the same place as the village named Jakkur today.Further excavations are expected to reveal more details about the soldier if they proceed, which they likely will.“What has been found on the temple premises is new and an unpublished inscription of the veeragallu," an archaeology museum director identified as R. A mysterious engraved stone led a team of researchers in Bangalore, India, to the ruins of a lost temple.During part of a recurring search for similar archaeological relics in the village of Jakkur, a bus driver and "heritage enthusiast" identified as Dhanpal M. Realizing that it signified an even bigger discovery, Dhanpal continued the search and found a series of "pillar-like" stones in a vacant lot nearby—the ruins of a temple dating to 1539 A. Dhanpal told the that after he reported his discovery to the local archaeology department, experts visited the site and concluded that the ruins belonged to a temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Allalanatha, for which the region Allasandra was named.

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