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That prompted some to flee, and others to take a more active part in fighting ISIS alongside Kurdish militias, helping take back some territory.Islamic State militants hit back, hard, driving more than 1,000 Assyrian Christians from their homes, some crossing the Khabur River, a tributary of the Euphrates, in small boats by night.The tablets were inscribed by merchants of the ancient Middle Eastern kingdom of Assyria.Using the inscriptions, Harvard University lecturer Gojko Barjamovic and three economists believe they have developed a system to identify the location of lost cities, by examining the trade shipments recorded on the tablets.

In discussions of general issues facing women in the middle east, the diversity of female lifestyles and conditions is often lost accustomed to stereotypical depictions, westerners are told that middle eastern women are passive, weak, and always veiled it is often assumed that the severe conditions in saudi arabia—where women are not.Thousands fled northern Iraq last year as Islamic State militants swept into Nineveh Province.Early in February, according to Assyrian groups inside and outside Syria, came a declaration from the Islamic State that Christians in a string of villages along the Khabur River in Syrian Hasaka Province would have to take down their crosses and pay the jizya, traditionally paid in gold.Local Assyrian leaders are negotiating with the Islamic State through mediators, said Mr.Dawoud, the deputy president of the Assyrian Democratic Organization.

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