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Stevia, Memory and Oxidative Damage One study found an antiamnesic effect of stevioside in scopolamine-treated rats.Researchers impaired the memory of mice through the use of scopolamine (an I’d be very interested to read further studies about the effects of stevia on memory preservation on humans.Not only is it a good zero-carb diabetes-friendly alternative for sugar, but it actually helps increasing insulin sensitivity, which is especially helpful for insulin-resistant diabetic people.Overall, it looks like an ideal all-around saviour for diabetic patients.

Before we dwelve deep into mother science, lets take a look at the stevia plant and see what it holds underneath its lavish green pigments.Stevia, Hypertension and Blood Pressure Researchers also studied the efficacy and tolerability of oral stevioside in Chinese patients with mild hypertension.After two years they found out that an intake of 500mg oral stevioside three times a day significantly reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to placebo.Though Jehovah's Witnesses are open community, members of expect servants of Jehovah here, so only may join the site. Everyone here has to declare and prove that he is true Jehovah's Witness, actively associated with his local congregation. provides many features, such as detailed profile specification, searching, matching (useful not only for dating), e-mail like messaging, chat, forum, gallery, blog, media sharing, content wall, comments, bible verse helper, stationery, content-access permission settings, and more, all backed by responsible admins. If you meet the requirements, we like to welcome you here :) Site FAQHow to join Register Sign in Site rules Thank you so much for this opportunity....

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