Are you dating a pathological liar

A Shrink4Men forum member once shared an explanation about narcissists, psychopaths and borderlines’ propensity for dishonesty and the confusion it creates in their victims. He looked into my eyes and said he’d never met anyone as amazing as me. When the narcissist is bragging about hurting you or others. Seriously, these a-holes really do feel a sense of pride about hurting, cheating and duping others. Do you really believe someone who’s proud of hurting you and others is fixable? But when you break it down to it’s most basic explanation, it’s because f-cked up people do f-cked up things. Please visit the Schedule a Session page for professional inquiries.

Sometimes the two match up, but when they don’t believe what they do, not what they say. Many of my clients’ narcissistic or borderline partners or exes have said the most deplorably cruel things to them during and after the relationship. ” Of course, many non-personality disordered people say things in the heat of the moment out of anger, hurt or fear, Narcissists? Their cruel words are their perception of you, not necessarily an accurate reflection of you. Palmatier, Psy D provides services to help individuals work through their relationship issues via telephone or Skype, particularly men and women who trying to break free of an abusive relationship, cope with the stress of an abusive relationship or heal from an abusive relationship.If you don't feel excited to see your boyfriend, even after dating a long time, that's not good. Source: Shutter Stock If you cheat or want to cheat, that means that there is something wrong in the relationship.Source: Shutter Stock What is your reaction when people ask how things are going with you two? " or are you just like, "Yeah, everything's fine." Fine. If you've seriously thought about cheating, or if you've had crushes on other people, that means you're not happy with the person you're dating. 10 signs your ex isn’t over you yet Follow Gurl, pretty please!Do you share secrets, talk about your dreams, discuss the things that really make you sad, get into passionate discussions? But if your conversations are boring and strictly about gossip, work, school, your parents or movies and there's no depth to them, that's not a good sign.You should connect to the person you're dating on a deeper level then just talking about what's going on in your lives.

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You need to switch things up in order for there to be excitement.

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