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HOLLAND RODEN: Just like any other newer actor in town, I got a call from my agent and he pitched two characters to me – Allison Argent, the role that Crystal Reed plays, and Lydia Martin.

And I said to my agent, “They’ll never hire me for Lydia, in a million years.” Originally, her breakdown was, “Off the runaways of Milan.” I’m 5’3″ and that just wasn’t going to add up. So, I went to network for Allison and didn’t get it.

Not only do we do that, we really hit the mark when it comes to pushing the limit, but pushing it tastefully and, at the same time, shockingly. RODEN: Lydia notices Scott when he does well on the lacrosse field.

He goes back and forth so much that, until we’re handed the script, I’m not sure whether he’s good this week or bad this week. HAYNES: I think Episodes 8, 9 and the finale are my favorites.

There are some scenes that I’ve seen in editing that are just mind-blowing.

That’s such a vague answer, but I can’t use examples because it will give away the show. They go into different storylines and personalities and it’s great to see those stereotypes change up a little bit.

HAYNES: In the pilot, you’re introduced to these stereotypical characters, whether it be the brooding older werewolf or the jock or the popular girl. HOECHLIN: It’s fun for me because Derek is kind of the mystery of the show and every episode is just as much of a mystery to me.

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