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Putting myself on display for casting agents sounded awful, but waiting in a never-ending line in the rain sounded way worse.

I crossed my fingers and headed to my pre-audition appointment, all the while praying for an efficient casting process.

So if you are a pastry chef, chocolatier or pâtissier by trade, and you want to test your skills against the very best in the business, apply now or forever hold your showpiece.

A team will consist of a team captain and one assistant pastry chef; the team captain must be of senior/head pastry chef level.

I figured that even if I was nervous and panicky on the inside, at least I would resemble past contestants on the outside.We unabashedly swapped dating stories while we waited in line.It felt odd to tell someone the entire history of my love life within the first five minutes of meeting them, but hey, that’s what we were there for.Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride found an application for the show, and it says taping begins on March 13.Some of the pertinent details: applicants must have turned 21 by Jan.

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