Android weather channel widget not updating

Definitely not a plus in favour of the 3D Weather widget.

The widget can also be used as a phone controller – and I think that’s where its strength lays.

An important thing to note is the presence of ads, with seemingly no way to get rid of them.

In Settings, there are options for a persistent weather notification, changing units of measurement, 'floating shortcuts' which work a little like Facebook Messenger's Chat Heads, and smart weather wakeup which promises to allow you 'time to prepare' when the weather impacts on your routine.

If swiped to the right-hand side of the screen, the shortcut disappears.

Neither the town I work in, nor the town I live in is available in the list. There are other settings to determine the information that you get.Port Hawkesbury is about 45km away from where I work, across the causeway on Cape Breton Island, so the local weather can be considerably different. You can change the colour for the clock, however I found that mechanism to be awkward to use with a finger tip.Yet it would be close enough for those major events like a good snow or thunderstorm. By accessing the application through My Mobiler, I was able to use this much better with the pointer of the mouse. My Mobiler is also a little tricky to set up on the computer.Right at the bottom is a 'video' section, comprising viral videos relevant to weather conditions around the world, a weather radar, and local social weather reports.The last section is a 'Ski Resorts' section, although why that's there I'm not entirely sure. As you can see, the app is quite comprehensive in its weather reporting.

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