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In return for the protection they afforded the small states, the great powers expected a degree of obedience from them.It was not always forthcoming; for Portuguese governments it was almost a matter of principle to defy British governments which, on three separate occasions between 18 had to intervene to protect the Portuguese monarchy against rebel factions. This book may not be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise disposed of by way of trade in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published, without the prior consent of the Publishers.

It includes not only the results of the latest research, but also a body of additional information and a number of illuminating maps that will make the subject even more accessible to readers. His many publications include The Habsburg Monarchy Among the Great Powers, 1815–1918 (1990). Despite two defeats, in 18, Austria continued to be treated as a great power, and so did France after her military collapse in 1871.

Many of the weaker states of Europe thus willingly cast themselves in the role of client states, and came to regard it as advantageous to be dependent on their great-power patrons.

Occasionally one or more great powers would find it necessary to ‘discipline’ a recalcitrant small state.

Bridge_ppr 2/8/08 PM Page 1 Professor John Keiger, University of Salford The Great Powers and the European States System, 1814–1914 is a full analytical narrative of the functioning of the European states system over the nineteenth century between the fall of Napoleon in 1814 and the outbreak of the First World War just one hundred years later. The nineteenth century witnessed no such dramatic changes.

It examines the variety of devices, manoeuvres and feats of statesmanship by means of which decision-makers managed the interplay of their interests, common and conflicting – including the dangerous Eastern Question – without exposing Europe to the catastrophe of a general conflagration: ➤ systems of active co-operation, such as the ‘Congress system’ or the Concert of Europe ➤ periods of ‘international anarchy’ in which, if wars were endemic they were at least limited ➤ the stabilizing effects of the predominance of conservative status quo Powers in the Bismarckian era ➤ the dangerously polarised system that emerged on the eve of the First World War. In the upheavals of 1848–49 Austria came close to the brink of disintegration, but Russia rallied to her defence and preserved the five-power system.

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