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She decided to keep it going despite the lack of profits."I see the good that it's doing, especially for these inmates.

It's life changing for a lot of these guys," she said."It helps them while in prison but it also helps those that are coming out to have relationships and friendships and some contact, support from the outside world."Rob Jones said it made a big difference for him while he was incarcerated.

In fact, he believes it reduces potential risk after their release."I think it's actually better for the public because it kind of prepares a guy for getting out.

Almost all include with their profiles at least one photo of themselves, and most appear to be taken in prison.He's now on parole and living in Calgary, where he runs a transport and snow-removal business.He set up a profile while serving time in Saskatchewan for selling drugs."I heard from two or three people and I met a really, really nice lady there," said Jones, who has been in a romantic relationship with the woman since his release in June."It took my mind off all that negative stuff that's in prisons.Bill Clark, one of the original investigators on the Twitchell case."Let's face it, [with] Mark Twitchell, we've got a narcissistic psychopath and I'm sure he'll be able to fool some woman into writing to him who will fall deeply madly in love with him."The guy's a pathological liar.

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