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L’auteur propose une transcription, une traduction française et un commentaire de ce texte religieux Das Erscheinen der drei ersten Teile der “Tafeln zur Behandlung chronologischer Probleme” bildet den Teilabschluß eines Vorhabens, das mit der Fertigstellung der “Neuen kurzen Tafeln zur Berechnung der jährlichen Auf -und Untergänge von Gestirnen” seinen Anfang nahm.Ursprünglich bestand die Absicht, lediglich diese aus dem Nachlaß von P. Neugebauer unvollständig übernommenen Tafeln zum Abschluß zu bringen und zu veröffentlichen.Among these are many phenomena, such as the first or last visibility of a planet or the moon, that the modern astronomer shuns since they take place near the horizon and further depend on imperfectly understood criteria. The columns on the exterior seem to be wider, but their exact size cannot be determined. A Reappraisal of Second Millenium Chronology (A Joint Ghent-Chicago-Harvard Project), Mesopotamian History and Environment. The fate of Ninurta parallels the fate of the king after the investiture.Thus, these phenomena are not commonly discussed in the modern astronomical literature and, more seriously, we lack modern standards with which we may measure the quality of the ancient results. Religious syncretism is studied in the second chapter.

Kingship myths similar to the battles of Ninurta are attested in an area far extending the bounds of the ancient Near East.

Astronomical dating of Babylon I and Ur III (1982), Huber P & Sachs A & Stol M et al. Both sides contain two columns separated by a margin of 1.5 cm on the front (? The intercolumnium is in different areas of the pa pyrus on the front and the back, so that the vertical break in the piece intersects the middle of the second column of the front side and the middle of the margin on the back. The configuration of Nippur cults left a legacy for the religious life of Babylonia and Assyria.

/ Babylonian Planetary Omens Part 1 (1975), Reiner E & Pingree D / Babylonian Planetary Omens Part 2 (1981), Reiner E & Pingree D [REVIEW]L’instrument de mesures sans parallèle connu, mis au jour à Qumrân en 1954, servait à déterminer les points des solstices et des équinoxes et la direction horizontale du soleil grâce à un système de cercles gradués correspondant aux saisons. The different handwrit ing on each side and the different location of the intercolumnia indicate that the piece is a frag ment of a payrus roll, rather than part of a codex and, henceforward, we will use “interior” for the front and “exterior” for the back. The Nippur trinity of the father Enlil, the mother Ninlil, and the son Ninurta had direct descendants in the Babylonian and Assyrian pantheon, realized in Babylonia as Marduk, Zarpanitu, and Nabu, and as Assur, Mullissu, and Ninurta in Assyria.

The conflict myth on which the Ninurta mythology was based is probably of prehistoric origin, and various forms of the kingship myths continued to carry the ideas of usurpation, conflict, and dominion until late Antiquity.

Le fragment d’argile RS 23.038, provenant de Ras Shamra (Ougarit) porte les tablette de la première et, peut-être, de la deuxième série précanonique intitulée Eclipses du dieu-Soleil.

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