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For reasons that are not clear, only about 50 percent of kittens survive their first year.

The current population of lions in Yellowstone is estimated to be 18-24 animals and is thought to be increasing.

Bears gather this information through a combination of scent, sight, and sound.

Standing up on two legs improves the bears ability to gather sight and scent information.

Keep a safe distance from all wildlife.” Photo #4 by Jeremy Weber Black bear cub digging into the old log for grubs and ants.

The Yellowstone Photo Collection lists all of these animals: Badger, bat, beaver, bighorn sheep, bison, black bear, bobcat and lynx, chipmunk, cottontail rabbit, coyote, deer, domestic dog, elk, flying squirrels, fox, grizzly bear, ground squirrel, hare & jackrabbit, marmot, mice, moose, mountain goat, mountain lion, muskrat, other rodents, otter, pika, pine martin, pocket gopher, porcupine, prairie dog, pronghorn antelope, skunk, tree squirrels, voles, weasels, minks, ferrets, wolverines, wolves.Mountain lions can weigh up to 200 pounds (~90 kg), although lions in Yellowstone are thought to range between 140 and 160 pounds (~65 and ~70 kg) for males and around 100 pounds (45 kg) for females.Two to three kittens may be born at any time of year, although most arrive in summer and fall.Photo #3 by Diane Renkin / Yellowstone National Park Service Yellowstone Wolf in Woods.About Yellowstone mammals, NPS wrote, “Wild animals, especially females with young, are unpredictable and dangerous.

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Photo #2 by Susan Renee Bison herd at mud pots across the river from Mud Volcano.

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